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The products of the BESEL company are covered by the manufacturer warranty within the period described in the table
below starting since the date of sales of the product.
No. Group of Products – Electric Motors Warranty Period

1. General Purpose Three-Phase and Single-Phase Motors 24 months
2. Explosion-Proof Increased Safety Motors 24 months
3. Open Construction Motors 12 months
4. Motors in parts 12 months

Accessories attached to electric motors are covered by the manufacturer warranty within the period described in the table below:

No. Group of Products - Accessories Warranty Period
1. Motoreducers 12 months
2. Motor Brakes 12 months
3. Switching Devices 12 months
4. Frequency Inverter Units and Regulators 12 months
5. Capacitor Switches (centrifugal and electronic) 12 months

After-sales services are covered by the manufacturer warranty within the period described in the table below:

No. Group of Products Warranty Period
1. Spare Parts 6 months
2. Post-warranty repairs 6 months


The warranty is issued exclusively to direct Buyers ( purchasing directly in the Besel company). It is not permitted to transfer the warranty rights to third parties, unless the parties would decide otherwise in the concluded agreement.


The Besel Company guarantees correct work of the product for which the warranty was issued, provided the product has been used in the right and proper way for which it was intended and according to the rules determined in The Operating Manual as well as in the commercial quotation.


The warranty covers exclusively faults and defects that came into being within the product during its correct operation as well as due to the reason which underlies in the very sold product.


Assessment of the faults of the product can be carried out exclusively by the authorized worker of the company


In case of technical modification, self-repairs and unlawfully disassembling of the product the warranty rights will be lost.


The following ways of examining of the complaints are permissible:
- repair,
- replacement the wrong product for fully correct product identical with the wrong one or with the similar
- taking the faulted product over by the company BESEL SA and refund the price which was paid by the
customer on the basis of the correction invoice issued.
It is Besel Company that decides about the choice of the way the complaint is being realised.


The warranty does not include:
- activities which are described in the operating manual or are connected with the installation of the product by
the customer /user in his own way and at his own expenses,
- destruction or malfunction resulting from the mechanical or electrical damages of the product which arose due
to wrong application, incorrect operation, incorrect supply and protection against the failures,
- faults of the products as a result of the malfunction of devices which co-work with the products,
- small pores and casting swirls that do not affect the tightness and functionality of the product,
- products which are contaminated in the way which makes the carrying out of expertise not possible,
- products with damaged or removed nameplates for their identifying,
- damages of the products resulting from the totally adverse conditions of their storing or operating (for
example excessive dustiness, dampness, temperature, chemically aggressive environment), if their
construction is not adapted to such conditions,
- damages affected by force majeure (for example catastrophes, floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural
disasters not dependent on BESEL SA).


BESEL SA shall not be liable for any damages caused by the faults of the product other than actual beared. In particular the warranty rights do not cover compensation of the costs of assembling and disassembling of the product, lost profits of the customer as well as its obligations resulting from the failure of the product.


The warranty shall in no way exclude, suspend or limit rights resulting from regulations regarding product defects - in
relation to consumers. In relation to entrepreneurs, any warranties not contained in this Warranty Terms are expressly


The defective product should be delivered to the service workshop of BESEL SA with the same equipment and the same connection as it was bought. It should have a packaging that guarantees protecting the product from mechanical damages during the transportation. If the above condition is not completed and the revealed damages are connected with the above this may cause the refusal of serving the warranty.


The customer delivers the complained product at his own expense to the following address: BESEL SA (SERWIS), ul. Elektryczna 8, 49-300 Brzeg, Poland after sending the filled Complaint Form /Repair Form, to the e-mail address: besel.serwis@cantonigroup.com. The complaints for products without Complaint Form /Repair Form will not be examined.


In case of wrong number of invoice put in the Complaint Form or its lack the warranty period will be counting starting from the date of manufacturing.


Investigating of the complaint should take place within 7 working days counted from the date of receiving the product
and correctly filled Complaint Form. The warranty repairs are carried out within 14 working days from the date of
investigating of the complaint. An exception is the situation when the subject of the complaint requires detailed
technical tests. In such a situation time required for carrying out tests automatically prolongs investigating period of the
complaint and BESEL SA without delay informs the customer about this fact.
If during that time BESEL SA does not take a stand and does not give an answer it means that the complaint is


In case of rejected complaints the company BESEL SA may charge all the costs connected with the expertise and
verification to the customer.


In case of rejected complaints the goods should be collected by the customer within 14 days from receiving the
notification about complaining process completed..


After completing the repair of the product under the warranty, the product will be conveyed to the customer (or to the person entitled by the customer) at the expense of BESEL SA.


After receiving the parcel the condition of the packaging should be checked in the courier’s presence. If any damages of the packaging has been observed the parcel should be unpacked in the presence of the courier and if the content has been found damaged the appropriate protocol should be drawn up together with the courier. The claims due to damaged parcel without the protocol will not be considered.


The Seller does not bear responsibility for damage to one’s health if it results from the using the products of the
company BESEL SA in discord with the manual, destination or without keeping professional care during the use of the product. The following agreement given in Warranty Terms and Conditions regulates the rights and duties of the parties which Buyer should acquaint with.


In any matters not governed herein, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.


March 20, 2023