Research Development Innovation Quality

We trust in research and development of new products and new technologies


Our international market leadership

Our international market leadership has been created by years of new investments and development, focused on new regulations, customer needs, quality requirements or special solutions for new applications.

Since the foundation, we have concentrated intensively on quality and technical development.

Today, the Cantoni Group is a world class producer of electric motors with modern technology created over the history of more than 100 years.

The results of the Group's efforts have led to a growing number of innovations (new series for specific applications, new designs and solutions) and international approvals.


Industrial processes and technical achievements

All industrial processes and technical achievements are preceded by our extensive research and development efforts.

More than 200 technicians build our future: from design until the final approval, through many steps of the latest design methodology that considers the realization of prototypes.




Our motors

Our motors are carefully researched, designed, 100% tested and approved before they receive the final authorization from the quality department.

Top Quality Product is our aim and we manufacture it with our high precision equipment and modern machines that constitute a part of extended investment programme.


Manufacturing processes

Every day, all the manufacturing processes are perfected (casting, punching, winding, impregnation, testing) in our own facilities, where we have the entire control over them.

We support young passionate engineers in fulfilling their ambitions and we are in close cooperation with the Institutes of Technology.




Accomplish the expectations

For decades we accomplish the expectations of our customers introducing new technologies, upgrading the product quality and advancing the engineering projects.

We believe that the profits of such responsible cooperation ensure the customers satisfaction.