New step in the unification of SIE series

Past challenges

Until this time, our standard efficiency and multi-speed motors were manufactured as 2Sg series which has been developed at the beginning of the ‘90s - now outdated, yet still reliable design. With the meanwhile progression of modern and technically advanced 2/3/4SIE series of higher efficiencies significant differences in design have been observed. The aim, then, was to improve the compatibility.


Modern design for all purposes

New design SIE, a successor of 2Sg series, is dedicated for single-speed standard efficiency motors used in areas without efficiency regulations. It will also be used as a basis for the multi-speed motors. The crucial advantage of SIE over the previous product line lays in its unity with the series 2SIE, 3SIE and 4SIE. SIE series characterizes by modern housing design with improved heat dissipation and enhanced bearing nods. The modifications, in turn, translate into increased durability, reliability in operations and interchangeability of motors components/parts.

Analogically to the higher efficiency series, the SIE series is equipped with a terminal box on top as default (with options to configure it as RHS and LHS). Finally, SIE series is planned to have mounting dimension consistent with 2Sg which additionally makes it a versatile solution.


Special demand

For the time being, the new series comes in frame size 200. Ultimately, SIE series will completely supersede the old 2Sg motors (frame size 200 – 315). Yet, occasionally, the old series would still be available for special purposes.