Cantoni Group

one of the pioneers in the production of electric motors 

In the XIXth century Cantoni Group became one of the pioneers in the production of electric motors and ever since, we have been continuing our mission to innovate technology and our products.

Over our 100 years of business, the Group has achieved an outstanding success on the International markets that places us among the most important European manufacturers.

Our motors

Through the network of distributors and business partners our motors operate in more than 40 countries in almost all continents, and we constantly add new markets to this list. 

Present globally, every day we confirm the great professionalism in the business relations. The quality of our motors guarantees high performance and reliability even in the most demanding applications.



Our Group comprises three companies with four motor manufacturing plants



Industrial sectors

We respond to the wide variety of motors applications in almost all industrial sectors such as marine, oil and gas, chemical, construction, energy, etc., always ready to find the best possible technical solution at the most convenient conditions.


Two manufacturing plants for brakes and tools





Three companies for components and production tools



The headquarters and international sales office


Our plants have a  rich experience  and a  long-standing industrial tradition in design and production.

Thanks to the  flexible organization  our technical and sales team is able to  face all the requirements of the modern markets   in a short time and pay the maximum attention to the  realization of the most challenging projects.



Our designs and solutions

Our designs and solutions correspond to the customer requirements and international standards. To identify the needs of the times and of the future we use all our resources, being versatile, responsive and dynamic.

Most of all, we treasure old partnerships, loyalty to customer, quality, research and innovation that are the cornerstones of our philosophy and sales strategy.


High quality level

All main components of our motors are produced in our establishments in order to guarantee high quality level. 

We pay particular attention to the raw materials used for production which are delivered only by qualified suppliers, exclusively from the European Union.