more than 100 years of experience

CELMA INDUKTA SA has more than 100 years of experience in the production of electric machines. Since 1995, this company has been functioning based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environment Management System ISO 14001.




Goal of the company’s business

The fundamental goal of the company’s business is to provide to the Clients specific and comprehensive solutions, and to ensure high quality and appropriate service for electric drives. The electric motors produced are compliant with the PN, IEC, EN, ATEX and NEMA, CSA, UL standards.


Main group of motors

The main group of motors produced by CELMA INDUKTA SA includes general purpose three-phase squirrel-cage motors (among others of efficiency class IE3) which can be used in many branches of industry. The other segment of production includes special motors suitable for specific operating conditions e.g. in the mining, chemical, metallurgical and shipbuilding industries.

Currently, most brands of the site, including also explosion-proof motors, are offered with the CE mark.

A considerable part of our production is intended for export. Motors are delivered, among others, to the USA, Canada, European Union, Near and Far East, and Africa.