CELMA INDUKTA SA declares the continuous improvement of quality for manufactured electric motors, cast iron casts and any rendered services.
The superior goal of CELMA INDUKTA SA is to have and improve a Client focused organisation. Ensuring a high standard of customer service for our Clients is a key element of the mission and strategy of CELMA INDUKTA SA, thanks to which it is regarded as a reliable and trustworthy partner, and is a guarantee of success in the international and domestic market.

  • we aim to ensure that any products manufactured by us optimally fulfil the requirements and expectations of the Client,
  • we attempt to shape and direct the needs of our Clients, and to anticipate the development of their requirements and expectations,
  • we are improving our production and order delivery processes to ensure that they are more effective, more efficient and more flexible,
  • our competent and experienced team of specialists, guaranteeing reliable execution of any entrusted task, is aware of the effects of its work on Client satisfaction.

The Quality Policy is followed by:


  • continuous improvement of the product design and manufacturing process, planning and identifying measurable quality objectives,
  • supervision over appropriate preparation and progress of these processes,
  • supervision over the quality of deliveries and evaluation of suppliers,
  • supervision over the appropriate level of infrastructure quality, monitoring of the working environment and influence on the natural environment,
  • effective utilisation of available resources and means,
  • creating equally clear criteria of appraisal for all employees and individual responsibility of management staff for achievement of any specified quality objectives in the ongoing processes,
  • improving the professional qualifications of employees and systematic organisation of training,
  • continuously improving the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM through regular appraisal of its functioning.

As a part of its responsibility for the product, CELMA INDUKTA SA declares the conformation of its activities in the processes of designing, manufacturing and distributing explosion-proof electric motors with the requirements of directive 94/9 WE – ATEX and standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34, in the processes of electric motor repair – with the requirements of standard PN-EN 60079-19, and in the processes of testing all manufactured products – with the requirements of standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The managing board, management and all employees of CELMA INDUKTA SA  accept particular responsibility for the implementation of any tasks resulting from the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and its continuous improvement, as well as fulfilment of the assumptions of the QUALITY POLICY mentioned above.


CELMA INDUKTA SA is fully aware of its influence on the environment and the responsibility imposed on Organisation in connection with such influences.

Taking into consideration the specific position of the organisation and its role in ensuring economic development of the region, CELMA INDUKTA S.A. would like to maintain development with respect for the natural environment. In all decisions concerning development we want to take into consideration actions for the benefit of the environmental protection. Therefore, we declare the continuation of actions started as a part of the Cleaner Production Programme and Quality Management System by implementation of the environmental management system compliant with requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

In our actions we commit to:

  • maintain compliance with legal regulations concerning environmental protection applicable in Poland,
  • continuously improve the environmental management system and limit influence on the environment,
  • follow the principle of superiority of preventive actions over removal of negative effects of our activities,
  • continuously increase employees’ awareness with respect to the company’s effect on the environment.

The above declaration will be implemented by execution of environment-related objectives and supervision over all processes causing factual or potential negative effects on the natural environment.


In particular, our actions will be focused on:

  • limiting losses of oils and emulsions from operating machines and equipment,
  • limiting emission of pollution into air and water,
  • optimal heating energy management,
  • reducing consumption of electric energy in motors produced by us by extending our portfolio in the area of cost saving motors.

The managing board, management and all employees of CELMA INDUKTA SA  and any authorized third party organisations to which the Environment Policy has been communicated, accept specific responsibility for implementation and maintenance of any projects resulting from the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and its continuous improvement as well as fulfilment of the assumptions of the POLICY described above.