Ema-Elfa continues the production of wide range electrical apparatus since 1954.

The products are successfully applied in many different branches from constructions, electromechanical industry, shipyards and mines.

Our objective is to create more intelligent, sustainable and innovative solutions for our customers.




The inherent skills and competence of our employees supported by continuous investments in machinery help to increase our efficiency and improve our reliability.


Ema-Elfa Sp. z o.o. produces and supplies:

The electromagnetic brakes AC/DC brakes, which are used to brake the rotary motion of an engine shaft or of a machine. 

Self-locking systems, which are ready drive elements and consist of an electrical engine and an electromagnetic brake.

The electromagnetic thrustors, which are used in the equipment, which requires a rope drive, which should have an appropriate force and stroke (brakes, covers, valves).

The powder clutches and brakes, which have a construction, which enables a fluent torque moment adjustment.

The steering buttons, which are applied to the use in signal and steering installation circuits, which work in the inconvenient environmental conditions – are water and dust resistant (IP66).

The disconnecting and changer-over switches, which are applied to open and close the unloaded circuits in the industry DC and AC industry nets.

The tools boxes, which are produced from several types of a powder painted steel plate, they can have partial vacuum shaped inserts.

The sockets and plugs, which connect the accumulator batteries to the rectifier.

The cold rolled screws and spindle.

The currents regulators.

The supply systems.

Services: Machining, plastic working, galvanization, injection moulds, permanent moulds, stamping dies etc.

Drive engine systems repair (engine-brake).