2021-12-08 By Cantoni Group

The history of today's Zakład Maszyn Elektrycznych EMIT S.A., belonging to the Cantoni Group, began in 1921. At that time, Eng. Zygmunt Okoniewski, after 12 years of running a representative office of Brown-Boveri Co. first in Kiev and then in Warsaw transformed it into Polskie Zakłady Elektryczne Brown-Boveri SA, simultaneously becoming their chief director.

2021-11-02 By Cantoni Group

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2021-06-16 By Cantoni Group

Active development has always been a driving force of Cantoni Group. It is constantly enabling us to deliver right solutions tailored to your needs. The vision of ever-growing enterprise shared among the entire Group is visible in many ongoing investments. One of the most significant projects in Cantoni Group has been undertaken by EMIT S.A.