New efficiency standard (EU Regulation No 640/2009 and 4/2014) came into effect on 1st of January 2017 stating that electric motors with the power range 0,75kW – 375 kW (including the motors from 0,75 kW up to 5,5 kW that were previously excluded) shall have a minimum efficiency class IE3 or IE2 operated with VDS. You can find more information in the “Energy Efficiency” section.


Following this regulation, you can buy IE3 Cantoni motors and benefit from energy saving but there also other advantages.

Certainly, Cantoni IE3 motors are interchangeable with IE2 motors regarding the mounting dimensions. Optimal stator and rotor technology used in IE3 motors makes them eco–friendly, not only in efficiency area but also in reference to utilization of active and non-active materials during production processes.

Due to the new frame design, it is possible to offer motors with terminal box located in any position required by the customer (top, left or right) and double drilled feet (for longer and shorter motor execution). All these benefits are particularly important during motor installation, especially for OEM customers who can consequently reduce their stock.


This regulation does not apply to (some examples):

  • motors with 2p=8, 10, 12, etc. and with rated output below 0,75kW and above 375Kw
  • liquid cooled motors
  • motors completely integrated into a machine (e.g. pumps, fans, gear units and compressors) and whose efficiency cannot be measured independently of this machine
  • used at altitudes 4000 meters above sea level
  • used at ambient temp. over 60°C
  • used at ambient temp. under -30°C
  • explosion proof motors
  • brake motors: motors with an electro-mechanical braking feature that acts directly on the output shaft without couplings.