New series of explosion-proof, increased safety motors (Ex eb according to ATEX) in the IE3 efficiency class (PREMIUM)

 From July 1, 2021 , explosion-proof motors, with the exception of mining motors intended for operation in mine undergrounds (motors excluded from the efficiency requirements) and increased safety motors ( Ex eb ), must meet the requirements for the IE3 efficiency class .

From July 1, 2023 , the mandatory minimum efficiency level for explosion-proof increased safety motors ( Ex eb ) is the level specified for the IE2 efficiency class .

Cantoni Group designed and then certified ( ATEX certificate ) a new series of explosion-proof increased safety motors ( Ex eb ), type Ex3SIE, sizes 90 ÷ 180 , intended for the chemical industry ( group II, zone 1 or 2 ). The range covers power from 0.37kW÷22kW
What is important, the new series comply with IE3 efficiency level and thus exceed the requirements resulting from the Commission Regulations (EU).

The appropriate design of the electromagnetic circuits of the motors allowed for achieving high efficiency ( IE3 - PREMIUM ) while maintaining safe times tE (the time when, during the flow of the initial starting current (with the rotor blocked), the rotor or stator winding heats up from the temperature  achieved at rated operation in maximum ambient temperature to limit temperature). In addition to the standard approval for gas atmospheres ( zone 1 or 2: 2G - gas group IIC, temperature class T3 ), the motors can also be delivered with approval for dust zones ( zone 21 or 22: 2D - dust group IIIC, T125°C, IP66 ).

It is worth emphasizing that the tests and the subsequent certification of the motors by an external Notified Body also took into account the following motor manufacturing options:
•    to work with frequency converters of any manufacturer while meeting the limit parameters for the converters specified in the motor operating instructions;
•    equipped with additional winding thermal protection of the PTC, KTY, Pt100 or Pt1000 type (standard for motors approved for dust zones and/or adapted to be powered by a frequency converter);
•    for operation at low ambient temperatures (˂ -20°C) ;
•    additional rating for 60Hz frequency .
Detailed technical data of Ex3SIE series motors can be found on our website