Electrohydraulic Releases ZE-Lv ( for work in horizontal position)


ZE-Lv and ZE-DIN-Lv releases are based on ZE and ZE DIN releases, but intended for horizontal operation.
Releases are driven by inductive three-phase cage motors, installed inside the release housing, which can be rated up to 500 V AC and 50 Hz. The  release  can  be used  both  for  continuous  operation  S1  as  well  as  for  periodically  interrupted operation S3 with relative loading time up to 100% and number of actuations up to 2000 c / h.

Release version

ZE –Lv - denotes the version of releases intended for horizontal operation
ZE –Lvp - denotes the version of releases intended for horizontal operation (a version with a support). Currently, in the Lv version we are offering releases with 50 and 60 mm strokes ( other piston rod strokes available after prior arrangement)


Normal (standard) N/1 – for utilization in open air in temperate climate. Protection rating IP 65 (PN-EN 60529:2003)
Lv releases are intended for operation in horizontal position and in positions the angle of 15° relative to horizontal.

Ambient temperature

-25°C to +40°C (electro-insulating transformer oil)
-40°C to +50°C (silicone oil – DOW CORNING Fluid 200 10 cSt)

Technical data

Technical specifications of releases can be found in catalogue data of ZE and ZE-DIN releases.

Sample order

ZE 500-50-DIN-Lv.500 VAC/50Hz
ZE 2000/120 S1250-Lv.400 VAC/50Hz
ZEW 1250/60-Lv.400 VAC/50Hz

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