Cooperation with a world-class research and development center

EMIT S.A. offers services related to conducting tests of electric motors in the newly opened Research and Development Center. We offer testing of EMIT motors as well as motors from other manufacturers. Our electric motor testing station is one of the most modern stations of this type.

We provide comprehensive services related to testing of three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage and slip-ring motors, including both periodic inspections and type tests. All motors measurements and tests are carried out and documented in accordance with the EN 60034 standard.

Thanks to the use of modern technical solutions, our team of motor testing experts tests motors under full load up to 3000 kW in the voltage range from 400V to 15kV.

To discuss details regarding the possibility of testing your motor, please send an inquiry to the following e-mail address:

Possibility to test motors with the following parameters:

• Continuous power up to 3 MW

• Overload capacity up to 4.6 MW

• Replacement test for motors up to 6 MW

• Voltages 400 V – 15 kV

VACON® NXP Danfoss frequency converters

• Total current 17 kA

• Total power 15 MW

Other parameters:

• Test board 72 m² (6 x 12 m)

• Two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons (15 t and 30 t/15 t)

• Permissible weight of a single tested engine is up to 30 tons

• Permissible total weight of the tested machines is up to 60 tons

• Cooling water system with water flow regulation up to 550l/min

• The oil lubrication system regulates the oil flow to 20l/min

• Main transformer 4 MVA

• Multi-tap transformers 2 x 4.19 MVA

• 2 x 2.6 MVA