Research and Development Center

Zakład Maszyn Elektrycznych "EMIT" S.A.

implements a project co-financed under the 1st Priority Axis of the ROP LV 2014-2020 from the ERDF funds:

"Research and Development Center for Electrical Machines"

The subject of the project is the construction and equipment of the EMIT S.A.' Research and Development Center' allowing to carry out tests of electric machines with power up to 6 MW with different voltage values.

The aim of the project is to enable Zakład Maszyn Elektrycznych EMIT S.A. to implement research and development works aimed at determining the correct technical parameters and operating parameters of energy-saving, innovative, high-power electrical machines up to 6 MW.


The implementation of the project will result in the implementation of innovative energy-saving, environment-friendly solutions, thanks to which the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere will be reduced.

The implementation of the project will satisfy the possibility of conducting research on large electric machines, and thus will result in the development of new machine designs. Optimizing the operation of electrical machines and obtaining the highest possible energy and operational efficiency of electrical machines will allow for multilateral benefits both in the budget of each enterprise and on a global scale; direct savings (lower electricity consumption), indirect savings (longer service life, lower failure rate, lower service costs, reduction of downtime costs) and environmental protection (reduction of CO2 emissions).

Project value: PLN 30,715,656.00

Co-financing: PLN 7,676,248.28