CANTONI GROUP has a rich experience and a long-standing industrial tradition in the design and production. 

Our factories have been producing electric motors with great success for many years, which ensures the high quality of products of CANTONI brand. All of them were independent producers of electric motors up to World War II. After the war, in 1945, the companies had become state-owned enterprises. From year 1945 the control over the production and export sales in these factories had been held by the Polish Foreign Trade Company for Electrical Equipment Ltd. „Elektrim”.

During the reforms, political changes and restructuring in Poland and Europe in the ‘80 the companies were privatised. In year 2000 an Italian Enterpreneur, Prof. Giampiero Cantoni, has bought shares of the companies and created diversified Group Enterprise – Cantoni Group. As it turned out, it has gained outstanding success on the domestic and international markets, placing us among the most important European manufacturers.

In years 1945 -2000 our motors were sold to the international markets under brand Elektrim. After that we have implemented the period of double branding – “Elektrim” and “Cantoni”, then rebranding solely to Cantoni Group

Currently, as an exception, due to the historical reasons, our motors are sold under double brand "Elektrim" and "Cantoni" in 4 countries: USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Uruguay to our distributors located there.

Since year 2000 the original and genuine ELEKTRIM motors are sold by the company Cantoni Motor (Headquarters and International Sales Office of Cantoni Group) - exclusively or through the network of our distributors. 

The original company Elektrim S.A. still exists and operates consistently, however not in the field of electric motors. 

Furthermore, Cantoni has been the only licencee of the brand „Elektrim” in relation to electric motors since the purchase of the companies previously owned by Elektrim. We continuously pay royalty to the company Elektrim to maintain double branding in above mentioned countries. 

It is worth noticing that we have full control over the whole production process in the original factories. Thanks to this we continue the long tradition of manufacturing high quality European motors.