Our History

Rich experience and a long-standing industrial tradition

Since almost a century the Cantoni Group has been known worldwide as the leader in manufacturing and supplying electric motors, components and tools.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial commitment and great talent, the founder of the Group Prof. Giampiero Cantoni created diversified Group Enterprise that has gained outstanding success on the Domestic and International markets placing us among the most important European manufacturers. As a family owned Group of companies we treasure old partnerships that have been maintained for many decades and constantly develop individual approach to customer needs that has always been our main value on which we build our experience.


Besel was established in early 50's. At the beginning it was only regeneration of electric motors. One year later the plant started the production of electric motors.





As a result of the merger of the companies CELMA and INDUKTA carried out in 2011/2012, the company CELMA INDUKTA was established with its registered office in Cieszyn.

In 1920 Celma was established and from that moment until now, the basic products of CELMA have been asynchronous medium-power three-phase motors. For a very long time, Celma was the biggest factory in the Cieszyn district, thus, the level of its influence on the cultural and social development of this region is beyond measure.

In 1878 Indukta was established as a repair workshop for textile machines and in 1919 the production of induction motors began. Located in the south of Poland, Bielsko-Biała has been known for many years as a town of 100 industries with rich traditions and, as far as the size is concerned, was the second centre of these industries in Poland.



Polish Factory of Electric Machines Brown Boveri S.A. in Żychlin was founded in 1921 and in 1967 changed the name to EMIT. The factory started the production of three-phase electric motors, transformers, generators which could operate e.g. with Diesel engines, and, moreover, as the first factory in Poland EMIT produced tramway motors.





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